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Yellow Meranti

The world’s tallest known tropical tree has been discovered in a rainforest in Malaysia, measuring a whopping 89.5 metres.

Yellow meranti is used for light constructional work. The sapwood should be excluded in any application or treated suitably, because it is extremely susceptible to powder-post beetle attack. The heartwood is used for a wide range of purposes such as light traffic flooring, door and window frames, planking, ceiling, interior trim, utility furniture and cabinet work, toys, turnery, boxes, and ship and boat building. Generally it is an excellent timber for joinery. It is often used locally when a good firmness is required. The wood is not very durable and therefore application in contact with the ground is avoided. Yellow meranti is an excellent timber for plywood, both as face and core veneer. The wood is also very suitable for the manufacture of hardboard and particle board, and is used with good results as pulp for making paper.