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Pinewood are best found in places like Russia, Canada and European Countries, we focus in those areas to get our indents where it is found of the best quality across the globe.

Scots Pine- The Scots pine is native to Siberia. Scots pine timber is one of the strongest softwoods available, and is widely used in the construction industry and in joinery. It is used in the manufacture of telegraph poles, pit props, gate posts and fencing.

White Pine-White pine is a versatile, all-purpose wood. It's affordable, readily available, light, easy to work with and finishes nicely. Door and window casings and trim moldings often feature white pine construction. The flexibility in the wood helps the molding and trim bend to fit walls that aren't perfectly straight.

Yellow Pine-Yellow pine is much harder than white pine. It looks similar and features a straight-grain amber color. It's often used as a construction or structural building material, and yellow pine studs and beams used in framing are comparable in strength and stiffness.The straight-grain strength and resiliency make it suitable for exterior window and door trim, fascia and other exterior trim. Pressure-treated yellow pine is used commercially for permanent wood foundations and marine applications, such as piers and bridges.